Celtic rock – hard to define, hard to resist, much like Marys Lane. “Marys Lane” is a place, way back in the old country, not owned by Mary, at least not any more. The band Marys Lane is rock, and reel, but most of all, the good times roll. Their Cleveland Rock roots are evident, but they are knee deep in the ghosts of Ireland – not maudlin mind you, but in the typical Kitchen Party made so famous by the Irish – everyone comes, everyone joins in, one way or another, and everyone leaves wishing the night would never end.

Their newest release is "The Furey Session" - a crash course two-song collaboration featuring a member of one of Irish music's most legendary and beloved families, Martin Furey. After a friendship blossomed while performing at a summer Irish Festival, the popular High Kings performer hit the studio with Marys Lane for an impromptu Monday morning recording session over tea and coffee. The end result birthed two brand new Marys Lane songs - the enchanting "Wait Awake" and wildly rambunctious "Sleep When I'm Dead'.

Given the prolific playing schedule of Marys Lane, it won’t be long, till next time, is tonight. The guys were all musicians, and got together one day at Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival; “Hey, we should start a band?”. One year later, they met again, and realized waiting was no longer an option. They have been full steam ahead ever since, playing festivals and gigs in an ever-widening circle testament to their skill, their fun, and the passionate following their performances and personalities provoke. 



Patrick Mulloy - vocals + guitar

Michael Crawley - vocals + guitar + bagpipes


Matt Sofranko - vocals + bass

Brent Hopper - vocals + mandolin

Tessa Thistlethwaite - fiddle



Marys Lane - Irish Rock’s Hottest Band
— Ohio Irish American News
...they don’t play traditional cheesy Irish beer chanties. Their Celtic folk is filtered through a genuine affection for heartland, country, and indie-rock music.
— Jeff Neisel, Music Editor, Cleveland Scene Magazine
...[their music] resembles alt-country and has shades of Wilco and the Old 97’s.
— Jeff Neisel, Music Editor, Cleveland Scene
..with a young and growing fan base, this Celtic band has become one of the most popular on the Irish music scene.
— Cleveland Plain Dealer
...more than just Irish Music.
— Jeff Neisel, Music Editor, Cleveland Scene
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